mad river valley icelandic horses, llc

"Magni was started slowly by a gentle dressage trainer, seen by numerous professional saddle fitters, & otherwise given the best start we could give him in life, but his back never put on the muscle we expected. At only 12 years old, fit from regular riding, he was beginning to look as though he might develop a serious sway back. His gaits were stiff, & he had trouble tölting.
Jess figured out the puzzle. She took him through exercises that got him using his back correctly for the first time in his life, His neck got longer, his gaits got softer, & he began to volunteer tölt. His back seemed to lift, & the gap behind his shoulders started to fill in. I have never seen training so obviously & effectively make a horse more comfortable. I wish Magni had been in this sort of training all his life."
"Jess found the absolutely perfect horse for me. When Rodi arrived from Iceland, he stayed with Jess for two months as he began to transition to the US. There, he learned the foundations of R+ training, which set us up for building & strengthening our relationship everything we do. She took great care of all his needs, e.g. starting his vaccinations, as well as getting dental & hoofcare. All her work meant that when he came home we were ready to have all kinds of fun together. Jess remains available for me to ask any questions that arise. I am so grateful for all she has done for Rodi & for me!"
"Otur captured my heart. Not only does he have beautiful conformation and soundness, he is calm, gentle, and very willing. He is a joy to ride and work with - the result of thoughtful and selective breeding."
Esther & John
"Bráinn has been such a delight to work with. He is sensible, playful, and curious. He is our first Icelandic, and it's been such a pleasure to learn about tölt with him. We are so thankful to Jess for giving us the opportunity to have him at our farm."
"Jess helped us find the perfect Icelandic horse for our teenage son. My son has been riding for years and we were finally ready to take the next step and buy a horse for him. As first time owners, we had lots of questions and Jess not only helped us each step of the way, she was able to find a horse that matched the personality of the horse we grew to love at the farm! We appreciated Jess' attention to detail through the whole process and couldn't be happier with our newest family member, Smári."